Star Damage Restoration - Why Choose Us?

Flood damage restoration experts here at Star Damage Restoration are equipped and prepared to efficiently clean up a flood. We are available to you 24/7, even during the holidays. We have been providing assistance to clean up flood damage for years.

We are committed to protecting your property before, during, and after the flood restoration process. Our initial inspection of your home will identify damaged areas and advise you of the extent of the flood. Our water extraction process will ensure that your home is safe and dry. We will also perform an inspection for mold.


Our flood damage restoration service includes structural repair and/or replacement of items like rotten wood and ruined drywall, and we will also make sure your personal items and decorative items are safe during the whole process.


Flood damage can be a serious issue that is caused by problems with both the pipes and the contents within the home. Our expert technicians use advanced techniques and equipment to be thorough and leave nothing behind. You can rest assured knowing that our expert water damage restoration technicians will be thorough and leave nothing behind.


There is nothing to predict about a flood, whether it comes from natural causes or from man-made causes. When it happens, it happens. There is nothing to do but get it repaired. The best thing to do is to collect all the necessary information and contact a company that offers flood damage repair services in the area. 


After you’ve finished your flood insurance paperwork and your health is risk-free, it’s time to start planning a flood clean up. With that in mind, Star Damage Restoration is the only company that has the experience, reputation, and the most qualified team of professional technicians at your disposal. 


We are the experta in water damage, fire damage and mold restoration. We will save your home or business from disaster. If you’re in need of damage cleanup and restoration, in South Louisiana, don’t hesitate to contact us at Star Damage Restoration in New Orleans, La.

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